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  1. Timmy hair?
  2. I like cat hair. Dog hair's nasty. Pick the hair off please :-)
  3. I made you a cheese and tomato toastie, it's a bit cold, you want it? ... I know youre veggiemo, but you like dog hair?
  4. Toga-pie?

    Hey, where muh damn toasty? I was looking forward to breakfast this morning ;-)
  5. Master Sochin, I'm sorry I have betrayed you, I never meant to hurt your fee .. Ooo, PIE!
  6. You wouldn't have had to miss me if you didn't dump me for another guy n stuff.
    Just sayin'
    Now, though, we shall never be torn asunder... nothing can come betwee ... ooo pie!
  7. What.. you grew your beard even more?
    Teenytiny?! pff

    I'm GREAT sochin, I'm freee! I missed you, MA BOI!
  8. it's all very warm and fuzzy now. How are you, teenytinyKohi?
  9. Yeah its me dude. :D howsit?
  10. o hai... you're Kohi... like from before n stuff?
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