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  1. <--- In UR Profile
    Readin' UR Stuff
  2. Bangers-n-Mash
  3. That is easy for you to say, you currently don't need to fight with moose and white kimbo over the Forum SPAMMING Belt.
  4. Oh, that's what it's for?
    I'm more of a post-modern whore.
  5. Postwhore?
  6. I'll be sure to follow your great example and... uhhh... what?
  7. This belt is like the Spiderman:

    With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.
  8. so you've had it, I've got it... I'm guessing it's Moose or Lebell next.
    Clearly a "terrible poster" award, or something.
  9. You hast taken mai belt!
  10. Ur mai fren!
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