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  1. Hey I heard you got certified as a ref on the USSA facebook page.

  2. Gotcha.

    Wow, well good luck with that!
  3. I am not. I decided against it after spending money on a few other sambo-related things.

    I'm currently over in Cyprus, next to Turkey and Syria, doing some stuff with FIAS, which is the governing body.
  4. You going to the Portland SAMBO summit?
  5. Hey I replied to your PM. Just letting you know cuz you said your account is acting funny.
  6. Yep. Got it.
  7. Let me know if you received that PM. My account is acting funny.

    The dance.

    Those bridges look scary! I can only do regular bridges, can't flip over (yet).
  9. Talking about the neck bridges, or the eagle dance?
  10. Damn, that's impressive.

    Very Mansur Isaev-ish...
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