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  1. Way late. I didn't even know this was here. Sorry. I'm a better shot then my Twin is, but not by too much. Namely because I'm still working on a cross dominance issue. IE, I'm right handed and have to shoot left. It's wierd but not too bad.

    We only have one gun, mine, and we keep it usually in it's case in the messanger bag I use when taking it to the range. Minus when I'm cleaning it or showing it to friends who haven't seen it yet.

    An Order Recovery Specialist is someone who handles suspended orders and authorization holds. Auth-holds are pending transactions on your Credit Card or bank account that are the result of a cancelled order, or hitting the "submit' button too many times. I call the bank to get those reversed or removed so the money is available to the customer.

    lol. That's probably too much information.
  2. Hi Remy:

    So who is a better shot? You or your sister? I would guess I'm now a better shot then my brother only by virtue of going shooting about 15 times a year while he only goes about twice. We share a gun safe and collective use of our guns. (We store them at my place because he has young daughters).

    Samuel Browning

    BTW: What is an order recovery specialist?
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