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Conversation Between doofaloofa and ChuckWepner

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  1. 2:23 now. But Warhammer will be next then. Have a good day. I'll try to dream of a world where we all live the way that Chrissy wants.
  2. I believe some kind of Warhammer reference is traditional

    And go to bed dude, what time is it there?
  3. To your dog, I say, "parkour!!!"

    Can I add anything to the LPTP thread to spruce it up in your judgment, good sir, now that I've shored it up for Sri Hanuman and for Cake (and accidentally caused Mister to have a religious experience)? Any old thing that would enhance the thread in your wise perspective ...
  4. what a donkey
  5. I hear Greg Jackson has a good gym in New Mexico, if you don't mind the 4-day round-trip. You should be able to get a good measure on how hard a top-level MMA fighter does a judo throw in practice. I've never done any MMA but I know everyone who's anyone in the Northern Hemisphere, so you can be sure this is rock-solid advice.
  6. High 5
  7. I dood it!
  8. start a LPTP thread

    I dare you!!!
  9. Diced with pasta one day, and stir fried the next
  10. No worries. Tasty looking coney there. Stew or pie?
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