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Conversation Between doofaloofa and Gluckmann

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  1. Back at my real university now. EU student, so no fees either. It's glorious how angry that makes all the English students.
  2. Scotland is it now?
  3. Oh how I do loathe puns...
  4. So near and yet so far

    Definatly let mre know if you're in the area, it'd be fun to meet a Bulshidoka in the flesh

    We could be friends despite your hatred of puns
  5. Actually I live in North Tipp. Studying abroad, but I'm home during holidays.

    Somehow I can't see a TD ever happening, even if there was enough of us. Organisation is not an Irish strong suit.

    I'll keep you in mind if I'm ever in that part of the People's Republic, though. I can never find enough grappling or sparring at home.
  6. Yeah, I'm down in west Cork

    There has been no Irish TD in my time, not for lack of trying

    The only other Irish bully that is active is crackfox, but he's a dick

    There are a few others but I have'nt heard from them for a while

    Are you coming to Ireland?
  7. So I'm given to understanding that you may possibly be in or around the island of Ireland, yes?
    Has there ever been an Irish Throwdown? For that matter, are there any other Irish bullies?

    I'd start a thread but, ya know...
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