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  1. I honestly think RA would rather I left completely so he can do his little victory dance and show all and sundry what a total badass moderator he is

    But all the while he fucks with my personal details I will stay and be a thorn in his side

    the ball is in his court now
  2. I don't know, nor am I really inclined to be in the know, what has been going on on Sociocide; but it seems like if you really want it to stop, you need to either quit posting and messaging completely or contribute some martial knowledge. I honestly think RA would rather you go the latter route.
  3. I am quite happy to let it lie, unfortunately just when the dust settles Rock Ape comes along and fucks with me

    Like I said, I have not posted for over a month and yet I'm still getting infractions and various trolls on my profile

    If any one is taking this too far it is Rock Ape, so **** him
  4. doofa, I honestly feel like you're taking this too far. Even when I contributed practically nothing (RIGHT after RA and I first 'met'), he still politely helped me with information via PMs. I don't think he would ride your ass if he didn't fully believe you capable of posting more than one-liners. I can't say I would blame you for not being interested in humoring Wabbit with his posts about dissecting kata, but it would be nice to see you share some of your martial knowledge here.
  5. I'm just bitter and twisted I supose
  6. They are moderating this place rto death, man

    next thing you know wabbit will be a moderator!!!
  7. Sociocide is where it is at, son

    Check it out
  8. I feel special
  9. LOL

    Just got an infraction for not posting

    "Dear doofaloofa,

    You have received an infraction at No BS MMA and Martial Arts.

    Reason: Because I don't think you've got what it takes to contribute


    This infraction is worth 99 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire.

    All the best,
    No BS MMA and Martial Arts"

    I think R-Ape misses me
  10. Victory!
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