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Conversation Between ChuckWepner and doofaloofa

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  1. hens, geese, turkeys in the autumn, pigs from time to time

    Don't wait till you're retired, d0o it while you're younge and vibrant
  2. Very nice. Do you keep anything besides your dog and wabbits?
  3. a couple of acres
  4. Hiya, doof! Nice view behind you there! I hope to have a piece of land myself when I retire, someplace with hills and trees. Long way down the road still, but it would make the missus very happy, too, especially if we had a horse or two. How big a patch do you have?
  5. Hey chuck!

    Mind out, everybody wants your brain
  6. cook my dinner!
  7. You are cruel, but ah cayunt quit yoo.
    I should warn you, I have a new relationship advisor:
  8. I'm treating you mean to keep you keen
  9. Doof -- I don't mind that you didn't finish my excessively long olympics post, but I'm deeply hurt that you didn't respond to my expression of sentiment in the LPTP thread!

  10. Text block his ass!
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