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  1. Yeah, he's a little over the top with his marketing. Criticizing the technique of kids you don't teach is pretty lame...especially on a public forum. From what I hear, Mikey is an awesome instructor. I don't know him personally, but we have some mutual friends here on Long Island and they have nothing but great things to say about him. Anyway, thanks for the response. Best of luck to you in your next fight. I'm sure all the bullies will be pulling for you.
  2. Hey Goshinbudojj,
    I only replied to back up Ruben and my main kids BJJ instructor Mikey (who, not that it makes any difference, but doesn't even like the kids pulling guard), who in my opinion were intentionally attacked in that post. The guy reminds me of like a Lloyd Irvin parody.
  3. Mr. Belcher, big fan. Sorry to see the last fight end the way it did. Anyway, seems like some Bullies are doing research on a neighbor of yours, Jay Foster. I noticed that you made a few comments on one of his BJJ videos. Is there anything you can add to the thread that would be useful?

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