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  1. Hello Mr.Belcher,
    I think you might have posted those two comments on the wrong wall, Idk if I ever mentioned something about a judo instructor.
    Alls I can say is I can't wait to see you back in the octagon pulling off that twister, good luck in your next outing!
  2. wrong wall
  3. Thanks devilboy, eye is healing well and I'm back on the mats now. That guy is a lawyer that has a Judo Black Belt. I don't think he is ranked in jiu-jitsu, but from what I've been hearing he is making it seem like he is. I don't know the details and I'm usually very un-confrontational. He could have said what he wanted about me or one of my performances, but when it comes to my friends and students its a different thing, especially when the guy obviously does not know what he is talking about.
  4. you're the ****
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