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  1. hey bitch boy
  2. Wrong again, but with my identity being hidden, I could be anybody. I could even be a member of your group pulling this prank on you, but you keep insisting that I'm this dude that does eskrima. This is soo funny, I can't really believe that you would even have all of this announced on an even larger internet scale of website. Oh, well, I'll see you on our scheduled Saturday.
  3. OK "the1", or should I call you "sean michael", you have indeed messaged me on Bullshido. Let the fun begin, the thread for this debate of yours is here:
  4. BFGagbreath, my message was too long to be put as one whole message, you have to start reading from the bottom to top to read it in order.
  5. But if you like, I can go through the introduction of Tres Espadas and point out the contradictions to be specific. Also, an "ignorant" person is someone who does not understand. I understand Martial Arts, I research other systems, styles, techniques and histories. If you want to use the word "teach" then look through the eyes of a student before presenting amateur videos of Tres Espadas "martial artists."
  6. To which there are no solid roots, no respect of the lineage, no knowledge of history and you stay at a plateau with knowledge capability. I'm sure that you think that ALL my previous comments were directed to you or either your group, in which I was not. About half of what I've typed before was a general hypothetical statement.
  7. I'm not typing this out of anger, like your message up above, but I do accept your compliments on calling me an expert, even though I am not. The only experts were and are the individual Masters that allow the Arts to continue on in life, or the Arts would just die with them. Martial Artists should know their roots, or else they end up like Tres Espadas and wonder what went wrong. When you take more than one Martial Art and mix it together, like spaghetti, you might as well call it UFC.
  8. You have been doing Martial Arts off and on since 1988? WOW!! Your parents must be very proud of you. Your skills, techniques and instructorship (if any) looks like it came from a cracker jack box. You hand random people these stupid Medieval weapons and then tell them to spar, it's like putting a blind fold on someone and tell them to drive.
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