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  1. I just checked out Owen's place last week. I'm going again. It was jsut an open mat when I was there, but with it being the holidays I didn't think anything of it. The people there seemed legit. SO I answered my own question...

    Am I right in assuming bully refers to people who visit this site?
  2. Well, for Judo there's only two choices in Tucson, those being the Rendokan on south plumer and Steve Owen's dojo in the wrestling room at Rincon high. Up until recently I went to the Rendokan, which has a nicely padded dojo, decently hard training most of the time, and good teachers, but is way, way too recreational, so they almost never do any randori and only occasionally roll. I'm out of town, but once I return I intend to check out Steve Owen's place, which probably does more randori.
  3. Hello ironcastknight. I am in Tucson, and looking for fellow MA practitioners. So where is there good Judo in Tucson?
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