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  1. Well, I'm so sorry that you got your feelings hurt, and we don't claim to be anything more than what we are: 3 traditional martial arts mixed together to make a very complete but not perfect martial art style. We are a family business and cater to that market, you can have your testosterone, bad manners and disrespect for the martial arts. Too bad we could not have met on better terms, cause we honor all, I say all other dojos who are promoting and teaching Martial Arts and Self-defense.
  2. What I am, is offended that you would call your traditional art anything other than what it is. Your style is nothing like MMA and it's offensive to those that actually train.

    I understand that you are jumping on the latest thing by listing it as Mixed Martial Arts. I also understand marketing and you are trying to capture a base by listing it as CIVILIZED. But if you are going to make those claims don't be afraid when someone criticizes and puts it out there for others to do the same.
  3. Hey, what's your problem, business bad? Is that why you have to mock other dojo's or are you just jealous>
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