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  1. Ok sounds good to me. I will repost without the shameless self promotion. I am training full time and making very little money. I recently started my blog in order to hopefully help generate some income and possibly attract sponsors. I am truly excited about Lucas coming especially since I just barely missed cobrinha teaching here. Was just trying to kill two birds with one stone so to speak! Any chance Phrost is looking for any BJJ athlete/blog writers to sponsor?
  2. It's ok to tell people about a legend like Lucas Lepri is coming to teach where you train. Since you are not a supporting member, sponsor or business member, I'd ask that you keep the ad copy to a minimum when you post. Site policy allows for a certain measure of free advertisement by our members, but Phrost, the site owner, has set limits.

    If you post another thread in the advanced grappling forum, I'll make sure it gets approved so everyone can see it. I apologize for the inconvenience.
  3. Hi Shane. I'm the moderator for the grappling forums. The automated spam filter wouldn't let you post your thread in the Advanced Grappling forum because of the link you included. If you have less than a certain number of posts, and include a link, the system auto-moderates the post. The same is true for your other posts that included a link.
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