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  1. If there was a like button, I'd click it. Troll the trolls. >: D
  2. I gotta hunt that guy down.

    Troll the trolls, bro. It's how we roll.
  3. No, I didn't. I'm sure he's posting on the USA wrestling site or something. Please, I eat trolls for breakfast. >: D
  4. I saw some guys had trolled you. No worries. I like it better than Sherdog. It's a much slower forum but it isn't full of tuf noobs.

    Did you ever find out if fourfiff came back?
  5. I thought they may have scared you away. The place is kind of OT-esque.

    Though, I like talking grappling here more. Less nuthuggery.
  6. Hey, where've you been man?
  7. where have you been, man?
  8. I guess he got trolled into flaming some BJJ nuthugger and caught the hammer.
  9. Il Principe. Did fourfiff get banned? What the ****?
  10. Valentinois. I had a different handle and we were friendly on f12. I'll send you a pm there, man.
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