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  1. No worries dude, things have been a bit crazy here as well. Lemme me know when your around.
  2. Hey-
    I going to have to break our apt at 11. Sorry. Air quality is screwing with the asthma. Sorry man. I'll re-schedule when the lungs clear out. Thanks again for the invite!
  3. Ok, that was easier the expected. How about next Thursday? I'll pop down about 11- maybe a few minutes earlier. Sound good?
  4. Excellent! Let me get my act together and I'll drop you a note on a final date. I'm thinking two weeks, but I need to confirm that with the schedule first.

    BTW- Bas Jones...just trumped Triumph the Insult Comic Dog as my hero. Triumph was getting old anyways...
  5. For Thursdays I usually have a grappling class from 10-11. After that it's open gym till 1-3 when we have an hour of grappling and kickboxing.

    As far as gear I would bring a mouth piece, gloves, cup and anything else you want. We'll hit as hard as you feel comfortable with (probably not me cause I suck at striking), but it probably wouldn't be anything crazy
  6. Hey-

    Thanks for the invite down. Right now Thursdays are my best to come down and play. My preference is late mornings if that fits into your guys' schedule OK...

    What gear will I need? How hard should I expect to get hit. No, seriously- I've spent a majority of my time playing tag with my opponents and I'd rather not continue that trend. Neither, though, do I wish to have to contend with a broken arms and legs on a regular basis. My insurance company won't like that.

    Thanks again! Just let me know.

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