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  1. I personally went through 4 wc schools before meeting Sifu Xuan, who could explain the reasons behind every single movement in wc and could back it up in a fight even at 60 years old. Coincidentaly his training was done in Toronto. I would recommend using his online teachings at as a guideline if you decide to pursue WC, but if they aren't reaching the standard of analysis he sets, change school or even just train with him online as much as you can.
  2. hi Acosta, i saw your post about a legit wingchun school in canada. Unfortunately there is a lot of disrespect for wingchun in these forums, and understandably so. The problem is many schools cannot translate wc theories into real life. those that believe they are doing so are actually just using aggression, speed or muscle power, so when they meet someone who actually trains muscles more, they lose pathetically. So yes, it is actually very important who trains you.
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