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  1. She is not a fan of martial arts. She says she only tolerates it because A.) It makes me make male friends. and B.) She is a believer in gay rights, and doesn't want me to repress my true self. She also refers to our newsletter as the "Homoerotic Herald".
  2. Bring your girlfriend too :D
  3. Good the higher quality of training partners should increase your skill quickly!
  4. No one has ever asked me that. Not even my girlfriend. The quickest answer is humbling. When I last trained I was in awesome shape, and training with people who didn't have that much grappling experience. Now I'm pudgy, training at a gym that is run by a Matt Serra black belt, has Olympic alternate judo instructors, and its honestly pretty amazing. I'm waiting for the 6 month mark to write an informed review.
  5. Hey how goes training?
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