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  1. reviews have been pretty scarce the last few weeks since i've been working on this film. i've done a little choreographing here and there, not anything really big yet, haha. hopefully this current project does well, i'll definitely turn to the site if i need suggestions.
  2. Where this week's review?

    You should also fight choreograph and take suggestions from Bullshido
  3. yeah, it was only playing at this indie theater out in berkeley. i was gonna review Super as well, but they took it down after only a week.
  4. Finally you review Win Win
  5. ah, gotcha. i'm actually using chrome because i find it's faster than firefox, but i'll see if they make a plugin for google as well.
  6. Below post should have said 'You can use' but I need more sleep
  7. The FF plugin is only for version 3 and below, not FF 4 yet. But the Firefox plugin is the best feature. It's decently fast too. No captchas
  8. hmm, i'll have to give it a shot, it looks pretty user friendly. is there any distinct advantage for the site by using it?
  9. Can you
    There is a FF plugin too that really saves a lot of time
  10. Gotta cheer for the underdog and such.
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