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  1. all I know is that she kicks our collective asses, she can come up with more variations on excercises than I ever knew existed, pushups with one hand on a platform and one on the ground, sidwize or upside down situps, sprints, football exercises, move from aerobic dancing, squats, wiggles, squirts, splats, you name it, multiple differences every workout!

    I've also been doing, about three years now, sakura ha kogen itto ryu kendo/kenjutsu/iado and bokken
  2. Body toning......that's really a vague marketing term but you know that right. Currently injured hope to be back soon
  3. thanks for asking, currently taking a body strength and tone class, young lady teaches it, all kinds of wonderful tortures she comes up with, and doing sakura ha itto ryu kendo/iaido,
    how have you been, how is your own training coming?
  4. sorry, a delay in response, I haven't been here in a couple of years, doing iaido and kendo, and body strength and conditioning classes at the college where I teach pyschology
  5. doing mostly aikido and trying to blend it with judo, also taking Sakurai-ha Kaigenji Itto-ryu
  6. How goes training?
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