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  1. Welcome to the island! We got fun and games!
  2. Been there too, landed in Nainamo, drove to Tofino, did ocean kayaking there 3 trips ago. Got stuck in kelp for a while
  3. Oh ok; yeah Banff is gorgeous. I'm on the island actually, it's got a whole different feel than Vancouver here.
  4. Been to Vancouver + area maybe 5-6 times in last 15 years I think
  5. Ah, never lived west coast. Did a solo drive from Edmonton to Calgary to Banff to Lake Louise to Kelowna to Vancouver visiting friends and family in May. Trained at Toshido gym too :D
  6. Oh did you used to live here? Yeah it's incredibly beautiful!
  7. arghhhhhh I miss west coast Canada! So many trees to hug
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