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  1. Sorry for the delayed response. The only one I can think of could be the poser we put up on
    In addition to stealing the Valor of better men, he runs some sort of "Martial Arts" training program in Cali. I wonder if he noticed my username from SOCNET and sent me a note here.

    Not a big deal. It showed up after not logging in for a while. It confused me a little bit. If you need me to do something let me know.

  2. Who was it? Does anything come up in the search function? Is there now information?

    I may have posted the below link for general reference purposes.
  3. Hello Bloop...I logged in and saw a message that looked like it may have been from you. If I read it right someone's upset with me for not posting/responding to something. I'm assuming it's the information about the poser whose information I was trying to get to you. I can't find the message now.

    Apologies. Is there something you need me to carify?
  4. Thanks PizDoff. Here's the link:
    All of his Special Operations claims have been proven false.
    I initiated the questions and request for proof from Albert John. A few friends helped me close it up.
    I have no idea if he's legit on the MA claims.
    Appreciate it...let me know if you need anything else from me.
  5. Here are some of the investigations we have done so far. Unfortunately that database is locked for editing right now, but we will have it online for editing soon.
  6. Welcome. I am the News Editor and global moderator here at Bullshido. Why not post the link on my profile?
  7. Hello...I'm a Mod at a website called SOCNET. Recently, I exposed a guy that teaches "street smart self defense" in CA. He falsely claimed to be a SOF soldier. He is now on the POW Network phonies page. I thought it might be a good heads up for anyone over here but wasn't sure of the policy. Found your name as Mod (Admin?) in the Mil/LE/Guns forum and thought I'd check in on this. More details available.
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