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  1. Whew! Der can't seem to decide on a name... But yeah, Iron Wheel Combatives is one variation. Please feel free to contact him and drop by when you can.
  2. You guys are Iron Wheel Combatives? I might have to drop in and see what's up once I'm medically cleared to have fun again.
  3. Interesting. How would you characterize the split between FMA weapons stuff and the JKD? Is it fully mixed or broken up a bit? If the FMA stuff was solid and fun I could be interested in that - I'm not opposed to doing RBSD stuff but fending off muggers isn't really my primary area of interest.
  4. I do Kali along with JKD at DerAuslander108's school in Severn. He's affiliated with Paul Vunak's Contemporary Jeet Kune Do, so Kali is taught alongside JKD as part of the various ranges of combat. I was a bit skeptical of Vunak's curriculum -- which has a reputation for being a bit "we bite and eye gouge" -- but so far I've been really impressed.
  5. Do you do Kali in Bmore? If so, any recommendations on schools? I dig what guys like Dog Brothers do but some JKD places seem a little too in the 'we bite and eye gouge' zone of RBSD for my tastes. I'm all about hitting people with sticks, though.
  6. A friend of mine tried their BJJ program for awhile and loved it. The instructor (at that time) was the owner Gary Berger. The only reason my buddy quit was he needed to finish college and was working full time. Their Judo is also supposed to be excellent. I don't hesitate to recommend people look, but I do say there's a lot going on there, it may not be for everyone.
  7. I had considered the Baltimore Martial Arts Academy but their schedule seemed somewhat restricted for any given program.

    Have you tried their BJJ program? If so, how is it and how are the instructors?
  8. Sorry, weird double post...
  9. Well, there no doubt boxing is excellent training in striking. Are you looking at a downtown location because you live there or work there? There are a couple of well-regarded BJJ schools nearby too. This place: has Muay Thai, Judo, and BJJ under one roof on Rt.40. It might be worth a look. Also, do you have any interest in JKD/Kali?
  10. I'm definitely leaning towards the Baltimore Boxing Club, at least for starters. I'd like to do some BJJ, too, but really haven't done much research into which schools in Bmore are good. Any suggestions on that front?

    I can do Xing Yi or Taijutsu for free or nearly so with friends but honestly neither of those styles really floats my boat. Most folks I know in Baltimore either do those, Akido or a Krav Maga variant.
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