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  1. I meant " sorry I miss you"
  2. Hi Ronin,
    I made it to the class and enjoyed meeting Master An Tian Rong. So I miss u
  3. I'll probably be there at about 5:30, see you then.
  4. Hi Ronin,
    Thanks for the welcome. I will definitely be there on this Weds ( forbid there is no winterstorm again). Looking forward to meeting you and master An Tian rong. Thanks once again

  5. Sure come by and try out a session, we can talk more then. We are at Dublin Elite Martial Arts.

    We are there Wed. and Fri nights at around 5:30 pm, adult classes start at 6:30 we are at the Perimeter Loop location

    Let me know if you need any more information.
  6. Hi Ronin 74,
    Hopefully you are doing well. I was the guy who was taking baji from Turpen in the past ( there was a forum topic on him). You offered if I was in Columbus, that I should seek instruction with your Master An tian Rong. Well, I am living in Columbus now and would love to take up Baji. Any help on this matter would be very appreciated. Thanks

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