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  1. Hahah, no worries mate!
  2. Good to hear you're signing up. I'm in nigh on every day of the week, so you'll definitely see me around. If you can, get down to open mat on Friday nights 6-9pm, social and skill gold. And that exercise is hectic. Anyway, you need anything while you're there, a punch in the face, kick to the leg or are in desperate need of being choked and having your limbs hyperextended, let me know!
  3. Yeah not too bad mate. Just did the beginners class, good fun hah. Then watched the Muay Thai to see what it was like. I'm going to be signing up. So i'll probably do a couple of classes a week when I can fit it in. That fucking exercise where you guys were lifting each other up looked insane btw ha.
  4. How'd you go last night, bro?
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