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  1. Thanks a ton!
  2. Hey, just received the message you left. No problem, I will help you with what you may be looking for. If you are low on cash, I recommend you going here:

    It's WWU's Northwest Grappling Association. You can probably find contact information in the list of school clubs. There is also the Western Washington Judo club. You can try there as well. Enjoy.
  3. Hey, Sorry to bug you, but I read one of your posts, and you said you train in bellingham? I just moved up here and my dojo is too far away to really do anything. I've been looking at brazillian jiu-jitsu for cross-training, and so far all i can afford is a 3 dvd-set taught by Renzo Gracie, which has surprisingly alot of good info. Anyway, I am trying to get a group of people together to practice regularly and I'd absolutely love some advice on ground-work from someone who knows their ****.
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