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  1. Truthfully, I forgot we spoke 4 years ago. Whatever happened with that?
  2. How funny you post this the day I check here. I don't visit this place more than 10 times a year. PM in box.
  3. I see that you're teaching t'ai chi at the Kelly Rec Center. I'm curious - what happened to Jamie?
  4. I do have PM enabled at KFmag forum, though.
  5. I don't seem to have a PM enable on the Edit Options page, only visitor enable and a friends/contacts enable. What am I missing?
  6. I don't have PMs turned on 'cause I'm an internet moron. I'll look over my account parameters and see if I can fix that. In the meantime, what brings you to Lakeland?
  7. tried to reach you via KFMag forum private message - no luck.
    scanning some of your previuos posts there, though, I thought I'd try you via Bullshido...
    I am also in Lakeland. I understand that you recently moved here. Am interested in meeting you. Leave me a message at my Bullshido profile.
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