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  1. Thanks mate, there are heaps of Muay Thai gyms in Queensland. Its the best place to train MT outside Thailand, pretty sure you can find a gym near you easily enough. Rack up some more posts and we can chat via private message.
  2. Hey mate how're you going? I just watched your fight in Rockhampton, congratulations on the win, I have to say I had no idea there where any thai boxing gyms in central queensland! I've boxed traditionally on and off for a while and am interested in training but have only been aware of some of the coastal gyms. Unfotunatly I don't have any places to train striking as the only good boxing schools have closed (nothing else aside from shotokan or TKD is left, not very interested for obvious reasons), I'd love to hear about your training background if I'm not being too intrusive. Look forward to hearing from you, thanks.

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