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  1. Frankly, just about any school will rent to you, assuming they have available time and space - they have rent to pay, after all. I wouldn't limit yourself to MMA schools.
  2. thanks for the message, ill try to look him up. Do you know of any MMA schools that will allow someone to rent just some space for money in which to train Kata, and general bunkai. If you can suggest such a school that would grant me the privileged i would be very thankful.
  3. I don't know if Poon Chan Sensei is still teaching out in the east end, but he's definitely the guy to train under. I've got another person to recommend, but he's in Wakefield, which won't do you much good.
  4. Encase you didn't get a chance to read the post, i am seeking a Goju-ryu Karate school. one that preferably trains the Okinawan way. And i have yet to find a Sensei willing to actually hit me while i do Sanchin Kata, and this is unacceptable in Goju-ryu , as the punching of certain areas is required to ensure they remain tight and strong during this Kata.
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