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  1. Thats cool man, dont worry about the varrot stuff, I was just a little confused.
  2. Yup, I owe you a varrot. Sorry man! Will take care of it.
  3. Ha! No I believe if you want to stand your ground to the very end you shouldn't be legally punished.
  4. Ah, the varrot.

    I thought for a sec that you were gonna start a discussion about how the "SYG" law was somehow bad, and pretty much repeat everything from the "it lets kids murder each other" part of the actual article.

    If that isn't what you meant, I owe you a pos. varrot.
  5. your comment "I like it more" on the stand your ground law biz. I dont get it.
  6. About what, exactly?

    PS nice username
  7. What u mean?
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