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  1. I know Shon Grimes.I like and respect the guy. He's not the typical arrogant douchebag you generally see amongst the higher ranks in Aikido. He also understands reality, which is rare in that scene.

    I quit shortly before that summer camp. Muryama is a little huckster in my book out to take peoples money. While instilling a false sense of confidence. I'm a friend of Gary's,btw.
  2. I know Shevits, I've trained at the S. Everett Dojo a few isolated times and done some testing there. I went to a seminar given by Ronnie Burrows from Arizona, and I was also at the Summer Camp that took place in Everett with Maruyama. Most of my training was done in the North Everett Dojo under Shon.
  3. Hmmm. Wonder if I've met you before.I hold the rank of nikyu in Kokikai,and had a similar experience. I'm a Judo Ikkyu now. Used to train under Shevitz.
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