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  1. Sort of.The surgery went well,& I'm sparring 2morrow morning,hopefully not too many rounds though as my lateral movement is still garbage.
  2. Hey Rikko, is your knee back up to scratch? I've been to the past couple of monday nights for sparring (it fucking rocks), but I havn't seen you there.
  3. Awesome news,now the fun part... Monday night sparring!
  4. Thanks for the wishes - successfully graded for yellow shirt tonight at Liverpool. And you're right, the fitness side is the more intense part of it, but I was happy with my performance.

    I'll be at concord tomorrow to grade for my first stripe too, assuming all goes well!
  5. Nah,I'm back training,but my knee is still pretty sketchy.
    But hopefully in 24hrs we'll share bjj rank.
    All the best mate.The MT grading's gioing to kick your butt.(The fitness side is bloody insane !! )
    But the first one is always the freakiest.

    All the best & hopefully,next time I see ya you will be a one stripe & a yellow shirt.
  6. Yarp, grading for both BJJ and kickboxing. Are you grading as well? If so, good luck!
  7. Hey mate,if your grading this week I just wanted to wish you all the best.
  8. Yeah, no worries!
  9. If I said I'm the guy with no teeth & heaps of tattoos...well,not much help in an MMA gym.I'll definitely introduce myself this week.Got SFA work,so plan on training hard.Know I'll catch you one of the classes.
  10. Yup, that's probably me. Which are you?
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