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  1. If you're going to be the man on the ground so to speak, its up to you how far you go. If you check it out without announcing you're from Bullshido you could write a review up in the review section?

    Any info on them is useful at this point.
  2. I lived my first 30 years in NZ and trained for 16 of those - I have networks of people whom I could call upon to assist if needs be. The country's MA's a well over due for a look over. There are not doubt many genuine practitioners/teachers out there - with a few lunatics and show pony's pushing fantasy. Let me know what i can do.
  3. I suspect that with Ray Porter's connection to the Soke council we may uncover another mutal appreciation ring. I have no knowledge of how MA are regulated in NZ so to really tackle this, we could do with someone who knows their way round NZ's MA community.
    Its a tough nut to crack given the lack of information and networking available to us.
    Who do you complain to when everyone is in the mutual appreciation group?
  4. Happy to assist in any way on the ground in NZ or otherwise if necessary for a MABS should Ray Porter fail to reply.

    One fish to fry at a at time I know, the link raise by IFF re: the NZ Wushu council would also be interesting to examine. They may very well be interested to know the outcome of an investigation in the interests of the own integrity and standing in the NZ and wider MA community.
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