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  1. Oh wait, I didn't realize that this was Stu. I wanted to ask you, do you know a guy named Gill Sterner? Supposedly, he's in the Bujinkan and is in Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania. My friend told me about him and he said that Gill knew Papa-san.
  2. Private: Nick,

    I am assuming that is your name from Bullshido links to myspace. Don't let anybody give you a bad time for asking questions that should be asked. I served with the Marines in Vietnam and have trained in the Bujinkan for 15 years. Anybody that talks about what the Bansenshukai says needs to back up what he says or shut up. You asked EXACTLY the right question, if somebody is going to blab on and on about the Bansenshukai like he knows what he is talking about then he should produce proof instead of hints and suggestions.

    My email address is [email protected] if you have any questions that I might be able to answer.
    Keep training, do well in school, do well at home,

    Stu Klemm
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