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  1. hey dude whats up
  2. come on, i was kidding. come back out and play.
  3. dude, im falling asleep waiting on a comeback
  4. so i guess that makes you the cueball with the cocksucker grin
  5. go **** a kangaroo, or whatever you australians do
  6. really dude, you are hugging a guy and claim to be from the land of oz. and you are trying to say im gay.
  7. Does your boyfriend use lube when he fucks you or does he just spit and split?
  8. I cannot wait until the investigation into your bullshit is written up and is the number one search on google. I'm stunned that anyone could be so dumb as to be taken in by some tubby wannabe Cherokee aged nineteen.
  9. oh did i?
  10. You done fucked up now boy.
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