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  1. Thanks for your concern, but I forgot my password for that one. So I cant.
  2. Welcome back.

    Check the thread. You need to consider editing some old dating sites.
  3. dont worry about it i guess you arent on anymore
  4. im going to tell yall everything dont worry, but could you give me one more call please you can do it right now, no prob there. if you need my # again just ask.
  5. I was civil to you on the phone. No reason not to be.

    You have yet to answer any questions as to where and by whom you were taught Native American fighting tactics.

    I did not call you a bad person. Liar was the word used.
  6. you seem to like insulting me on here. Tell me, why weren't you insulting me on the phone? After our conversation, i thought you were a half ass decent person.
    But you are nice to me on the phone and then come on here in front of everyone and insult me-and you are trying to say IM a bad person.
  7. You're a delusional liar.
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