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  1. Okay, I was sort of concerned about the box. I'm glad you're going to fess up, it's going to piss people off royally but it's the right thing to do :)
  2. its cool the boxes were clothes and im about to tell them, just waiting on a call first.
  3. Hey young buck, just tell the truth. You were honest with me in email and on the phone, I think typing the reasoning behind your posting would be a lot easier. And check your email for crying out loud.

    Oh and please tell Leroy about the potentially damaged very fragile box.
  4. please check your email
  5. BTW, in Leroy's picture there is a box behind him marked VERY FRAGILE. It has another box piled on top of it and it looks kind of banged up. You may want to have him check the contents.
  6. It would be really nice if you would go to your thread and answer the questions posed to you. If you have been honest about your experiences then simply answer the questions. If a potential student posed these same questions, what would your answers be? If you were dishonest you would be a much bigger person to admit it, you may even gain some respect in doing so. Remaining silent is only going to confirm peoples thoughts about you.
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