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  1. My boy Cody is fighting as I will DEF be there! We gunna have to work out some clothes to recognize each other
  2. I'll be in New Braunfels at the convention center this weekend to watch a couple of the CTC guys fight, hit me up if you'll be there I'll be there with a crew from the gym.
  3. Nah, I have been training with Ronny Lis at South Austin gym or Darrin Lillian at his new place. I only get to Austin like once a week now, and I just want to play jiu jitsu hehe
  4. Ayo mang you still training with Rudy Vasquez? My work is moving down south and I live south so I'm going to be looking to train somewhere closer to home. CTC is going to be tough to make it to during the week once the office moves.

    Rudy is subletting out of a location right around the corner from my house, I know Relson Gracie is close too.
  5. I work weekends but everyone at Solidarity will treat you like a brother. Let me know when you want to come down and I will let everyone know, monday -thursday 6-8ish and saturday 1030ish to noonish...we are on San Martian time :)
  6. Hey Zapruder thanks for the reply I live close to Slaughter lane so San Marcos is not an outlandish drive for me. I'm down to do some training sometime on the weekends, it has been over 10 years since I trained and I would really like to revisit a lot of the fundamentals, especially playing/passing guard. CTC has a set curriculum and right now its all leg/foot submissions. I'm really enjoying it but I really need to brush up on the basics.

    My forearm is banged up atm but when its better I'm down for some striking training as well.
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