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  1. I am proceeding to the throwdown sans you or my brother. The shame. No one will come and play with me. Fuggers!
    You will be missed. Punk.
  2. DAMN IT! I will not be able to make it as I am working LOADS of OT for the next few weeks. Sounds like some good food and a chance to beat on will be sorely missed...
  3. Sup Beeyatch!!! Throwdown in H-town on Sat. April 3rd. North of I-10 on Fry Rd. Mengs MA. John is half in. I would really like you to come down if you can! David Koresh Jr. was very pumped about the possibility. I want some friends there to give my noobishness some cred. And BBQ with my bro(s). Holla back cracka.
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