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7/14/2010 11:30am,
Recently, I joined the TAD Club, which is a Taekwondo (WTF) club.

Here's my asssessment...

Aliveness: Offical WTF rule for sparring. The head master is gold medalist (sparring) for regional, LA Open, and CA Open - LA Open and CA Open are two major competitions for WTF in California. Many members have competed in regional (primarily Camarillo Mayor's Cup) prior to joining.

Equipment: This club was opened about two months ago, so equipments are brand new. Club members also bring their own kick pads and shields so their are plenty of equipment for any type of (Taekwondo) practice.

Gym Size: Very decent; plenty of room to run around (especially needed for any Taekwondo performance practice).

Instructor/Student Ratio: About 20 members with one head instructor (4th dan), and 4 black belts (all are certified by Kukkiwon).

Atmosphere/Attitude: High energy and highly disciplined. Striking Instruction: Majority of practice is gear toward sparring - very competition oriented.

Grappling Instruction: Not taught.
Weapon Instruction: Not taught.

7/14/2010 1:45pm,
no, your ratings are inaccurate if more information is not given.

7/14/2010 4:04pm,
Hmmm... what other info do you need?

Btw, I thought this was a board to share martial arts experience... what with all the grilling from board members???

7/14/2010 5:33pm,
did you read the ratings sticky? Also, before you start, do you think your review should be here or with the other TKD gyms in the Korean martial arts school reviews?