View Full Version : Slazenger Bioslyx compression rashguard (sort of)

5/12/2010 12:36pm,
Australia really isnt known for its prolific grappling and so finding kit becomes damm near imposible. So for the most part we make do.

I have recently taken up No Gi grappling and have found the need to get a rash vest. I wound up strolling through my local Big W and bought the Slazenger Bioslyx long sleve compression top to tide me over untill I could get proper kit.

The environment that I train in is hot. (far north Queensland) and we dont have air conditioning.

It has been about a month now and the top has been going absolutley great guns.
In that time it hasn't even looked like ripping or deforming and I get no skin marks after rolling around and dosen't move on my body. I pretty much put it on and forget that it is there.

I throw the thing straight in the washing machine and dry it on a towel rack no problems

Comparing it to some of the other guys equipment. Lojak and Skins I really cannot see any difference and they have paid $100+ for theirs.

It is also definatly cooler than a T shirt.

The model I bought was the basic black long sleve but they come in skin tone sleeveless, short sleve, shorts and leggings as well. for an extra $10 or so you can also get weird combinations of greys and reflective.

The gament itself boasts all the mod cons such as compressioness, SPF 40+ quick dry moisture wicking and machine washable.

All in all I have been quite impressed from a brand that specialises in cricket gear. I have also bought the more T shirt looking one and will do a reveiw in a month or so.

10/01/2010 2:03pm,
Just thought I would do an update regarding the durability. Basicly I will let you know when it fails but it hasn't even looked like coming apart yet. and it was being worn every 2nd day for about 6 months. Untill I cot sick of washing it and bought a few more pairs.