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4/24/2010 4:57pm,
Aliveness 3
We practice techniques with no resistance from uke which is ok when your first learning. We used to spar alot in advanced kickboxing now we don't anymore because the instructor says too many people get hurt. The odd cold day in hell when we do spar i am placed with someone who doesn't want contact and i would prefer to go full contact.

Equipment 7
Well maintained could be cleaned more but everything in good working order and get new stuff regularly

Gym Size 6
The gym itself is a decent size but since they are only interested in recruiting as many members as possible the mats are always packed to the tits with white belts in evenings there is 3 different classes going on at once and there is absolutely no room and iv'e been kicked and kneed in the face several times from stray feet of people being thrown. It's difficult to spar when you can't use any footwork without bumping into someone else

Instructor Student Ratio 1
Sometimes i wonder if the instructor even wants to be there most times we are left unattended on the mats working on the same technique for 40 minutes while the instructor sits in his office. He shows up 15 minutes late and finishes 5-10 minutes early. He hands out belts to whoever does the test i seen a guy get his orange belt and he totally froze during his test and couldn't complete any of the techniques.

Atmosphere/Attitude 1
Everybody talks **** about everybody including the instructors. Higher rank belts telling me to be gentle with them when i train because i always give 110%. The guy is a sales pressurer he straight up hounds people to buy every new product they have and has tried just about everything to make a buck.

Striking Instruction 7
It's only getting a 7 because Jean Yves Theriault teaches once a week there and he works us out and doesn't treat us like a bunch of pansies and he's got alot of patience with his students

Grappling Instruction
almost non exisitent we used to grapple alot more but not so much now.

Weapons instruction
I used khalis once as a white belt and a bow once before but mostly non existent

4/24/2010 7:33pm,
I'm sold.

4/24/2010 10:30pm,
Wow...that's too bad. Sounds like things are going downhill up there. I always thought you guys were mostly jujitsu. Are you still part of the WKF? I'm not too clear on the break-up, get back together of that group...

4/28/2010 10:50am,
why are you still going there? you don't seem like you get much out of it.

4/28/2010 12:24pm,
they are still part of WKF
I have not trained since december i can't decide where to sign up. i don't want to end up in another mcdojo

4/28/2010 4:12pm,
Go to N1, homes....

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5/03/2010 12:01pm,
I have trained there for over two years. I would question the 1 score in atmosphere/ attitude, as I have not personally experienced everybody "talking ****" about everybody (perhaps 6 or 7) but I understand that everyone who trains there would have a different experience. I would also question the 1 score in instructor - student ratio. John Therien teaches some classes and there are several other black belt instructors (1st, 2nd or 3rd dan) who teach and are accessible (perhaps a 7?); but there are some cases (kid's classes) where more assistants on the mats would improve ratio. The physical size of the Vanier location could have justified a higher gym size rating, but have observed crowding on the mats in some evening classes. There are grappling/sparring every Saturday afternoon, but I am not questionning aliveness rating. Grappling instruction could be slightly higher as there is more ground defense/ grappling techniques in the advanced colour belt curriculum, but it is not the same level as BJJ. My $0.02 - hope this is helpful.

5/03/2010 1:24pm,
I hope you find a good place to train there. What are you looking for in a training environment/atmosphere/style? I know some people in the area and they would probably be willing to point you in the right direction even if that direction wasn't to their school.

BTW, I just heard Therien just got promoted to 10th dan.

5/04/2010 10:47am,
I've trained at that location and I can tell you from my experience the problems can be traced back to one person. The guy who runs the dojo. He's negative to staff, disrespectful to instructors (including JYT) and constantly tries to sell the latest 'product'. The primary interest at that dojo isn't the students or the honor of martial arts...it's to make money.
Most of the students I've trained with there are great people. I've trained with a higher belt who told me to 'take it easy on him' but it was obvious to me he was joking as he was a good martial artist. I'm more concerned with the teenagers instructing classes!
I don't train there any longer.

5/04/2010 11:38am,
BTW, I just heard Therien just got promoted to 10th dan.

John Therien was promoted to 9th dan. Georges Sylvain would be the only 10th dan as founder of can-ryu jiu jitsu system.

5/04/2010 11:15pm,
my bad....I misquoted my source.

5/06/2010 2:37pm,
I's always bad when you have an adult instructor messing around with a 13 year old.

http://www.ottawacitizen.com/news/jitsu+teacher+charged+over+alleged+relationship+wi th+student/2991850/story.html

1/07/2011 5:05pm,
It's important to note that this whole discussion has been about 1 of 8 independantly owned and operated Therien schools. All of them have their stronger and weaker points and I have trained at two of the different schools over the years. I love the principles the school was founded on and the curiculum but I know it's not for everyone. Go check out the club for yourself, there are 8 to chose from across the city. Not just the Vanier club as described above.

Tough girl
8/11/2011 6:17pm,
Hello all.
I am on of the many black belt that trains at Therien Vanier location in both Jiu Jitsu and kickboxing (for more than 5 years now). Reading the previous posts, I have to say that I disagree with most of them. Our Master club classes are interesting, challenging, intense and varied. The kids class are well supervised (myself and at least 5-8 other assistants being on the mats with the instructors). The kickboxing classes are diversified and high in energy. For those who complain about not enough sparring in kb classes... well you didn't go to specific session for sparring only, with peolpe that DO WANT contact! Of course full-contact sparring will not be thought in novice classes!!!
So before spreading bad rumors about a location / school, maybe you should know what you are really talking about...