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4/13/2010 12:14pm,
Now I'm not going to say my school is super awesome and totally the best. Infact I am going to start with the flaws first so that way you don't have to waste your time. 1. Yes there is not a full contact fight team....YET The school itself is still very young. (We still have to train out of a kung fu school) Though the instructor Kevin Mack has shown interest! Join and support I wanna fight you guys and go to competitions!

Okay 2. Don't expect full contact sparring all the time. Since we are still young the emphasis on sparring is downplayed slightly. Kevin tries to take his time to make sure you are ready through a variety of interesting drills to help you so that you don't blank out when the bell rings. Though I will spar you anytime if you join up after school. All you have to do is ask I have sparred others this way it's very laid back.

3. and final complaint is because we are still renting space, it's kind of small (those Ving Tsun guys don't need lots of space so) Though it has never been a problem. We need more support is all.

So now you know all the bad now this review can only become better! Why should you join up despite the previous flaws? Because Kevin Mack is an amazing teacher. Don't believe me Allan Feldman, one of the men who brought Krav to the united states recognizes this man! We are talking a direct student of the founder Imi litchenfeld!

And let me tell you it shows. Kevin's teaching skills make up for the short comings of space, and the current lack of a competition team. Kevin goes out of his way to learn about the martial arts just to improve the experience of his students. This is not a guy out to make money! (well we all want money but you get the point)

Kevin knows that krav maga is more then just practicing self defense moves, but sparring and groundwork. We don't just do defenses all day. We do sparring drills you would find in a boxing gym.


4/13/2010 3:06pm,
If you are into Krav Maga and are willing to help our school grow then join up!

Chili Pepper
4/13/2010 3:27pm,
A 9 for weapons instruction?? A 10 for striking instruction?? Get real.

4/13/2010 11:05pm,
Seriously? 10? 10 for aliveness when you stated sparring is downplayed? 10 for striking instruction? You must have quite a track record.

4/14/2010 12:58am,
How can you have a 10 for aliveness, when you state that sparring is downplayed, and if you want to spar, than you have to make time out of class to train with a student?

4/14/2010 10:39am,
read more about the ratings before reviewing your school.

4/14/2010 11:50am,
This doesn't contribute anything to discussion of the school or whether or not this is a good review, but I remember Kevin from his days of training BJJ at BJJ United. I had no idea he had his own KM school. Good dude.

Prince Vlad
4/15/2010 7:56am,
I do IKMF Krav Maga with an instructor who does a lot of competitive cross training. While the level of aliveness is very high compared to regular MA it wouldnt be as high as say MT or BJJ when starting out. Reason, you have to master some of the techniques and methods (P1, P2 level) before you are allowed to start bashing your training partners in full contact sparring/grappling.

So, in fairness given the three levels of training in civilian Krav (Practitioner, Graduate and Expert) I would rate a very good KM gym with a maximum of the following:
Practitioner: 5
Graduate: 7
Expert: 9 (or 10 if you go to Israel for the seminars)

Weapons instruction is something similar, Practioner is more about not getting stabbed or smashed over the head with a bat - sure you are encouraged to take weapons off people as use them but that is not the same as say training bojutsu/kali/kenjutsu (insert pure weapons art).

Again, I would rate Weapons Instruction from the best civilian KM gyms dependent on level as follows:
Practitioner: 3 (remember this is for using weapons not about how not to get stabbed)
Graduate: 5/6
Expert: 8/9

I'm still Practitioner level but I've got about 20 years behind me in other styles and I've been to some good seminars with some of Expert level guys over from Israel. I'm all for KM but I think you need to review the figures as a 10 for aliveness equates to training at Bas Rutens MMA Academy.

Pat Pintados
4/15/2010 10:55pm,
By putting a 10 rating on striking and other areas, you essentially saying your school IS super awesome and the best. At least in those areas...

It is Fake
4/15/2010 11:15pm,
That's fine in Atmosphere, Student teacher ratio and such.

Not with the technical specific ratings.

Expert: 9 (or 10 if you go to Israel for the seminars)
Mot in striking. KM wouldn't get a 10, according to the current bullshido system, unless HIS STUDENTS were competing in events like K-1, UFC, KOTC, or WBA, WBC etc etc etc to receive a 10.

No, an instructor cross training then teaching his students isn't the same.

An 8 would be questionable unless, the KM students are competing on a regular basis.

Note it isn't the teacher it is the students that make the rating important.

8-9: Pressure-tested, full range striking and proven success in limited restriction, top level competitions or high level self defense situations.
10: Superior excellence including A-level competitors/instructors

Yes, we are talking about tweaks and clarifications. I Do not know when they will occur if they do.