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Pat Pintados
4/09/2010 5:36pm,
Pintados Stickboxing program operates out of Nemesis Athletics facility. We are basically group of small town nut-bags working with different Filipino styles, trying to strip away what doesn't work for our own needs. We're not quite Dog Brothers yet, but slowly getting to that level. Presently we are working a lot within the Kali Ilustrisimo curriculum for long range sparring. We also incorporate some Pekiti-Tirsia, Modern Arnis, NSI Arnis/JKD, Dumog/Pangamut, and PPCT, depending on the need. We have a few folks who've competed and won medals in weapons categories, a couple foiled muggings and bar fights, and a correctional guard (Emergency Response Team) who have all utilized our program to help them come out on top. Due to stripping away the unessential BS in a lot of traditional forms, we have successfully pressure tested against the MMA program the Nemesis gym used to facilitate in both stand up and grappling. We don't think we rule all, but do think we have a little game.:viking:

Competition Team Warm Up Sparring (Bakbakan Scoring) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThOkVomm_Y0)

"If you don't Spar, You Don't Practice..." (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qy3U8QSfsG4)


4/10/2010 9:38pm,
I like what your doing but I don't see any grappling in those videos

Pat Pintados
4/10/2010 11:01pm,
Thanks. Your right. As soon as we get some footage, It'll be up.