View Full Version : Title Platinum Hybrid Gel-Fist Wraps

Neo Sigma
3/31/2010 8:26am,

This past Christmas, Santa heard that I needed a spare pair of wraps, so these showed up at the door. The gel-fist wraps are pair of gel-padded gloves, with finger loops and a thumb hole like a typical MMA glove, with a velcro closure at the wrist. Also, a typical semi-elastic wrap is attached to the bottom, which the site claims is 120" in length, but feels much shorter. Not too much else to say about them, so I'll break the ratings down-

Durability, 6- After three months of semi-regular use, i.e., about 1 or 2 hours a week, they've held up decently well. Been using them as normal wraps underneath 14oz gloves, and occasionally as bag gloves. There is, however, a split developing over three of the knuckles on the right gel glove. I don't know how much longer that one's going to last, but I wouldn't bet on more than another three months.

Flexibility/Mobility, 5- The glove itself forms to your hand fairly well after a few uses, but I've had fairly constant trouble keeping the elastic wraps from slipping down onto my forearm. I don't know if this is just because I'm a sweaty bastard or because it's an awkward design, but it does happen pretty frequently.

Ease of Use, 10- You put them on, you take them off. There's not really too much else to say.

Material/Production Quality, 5- As I mentioned, the fabric covering on the right gel glove has already got some splits in it, and I don't really feel that three months of occasional use merits this kind of wear and tear already occurring.

Protection, 7- Would have been higher if not for the problem with the wraps sliding down my arm. The gel glove itself does the job as advertised, and my hands have been fine after a few rounds working on the Windy bag(also known as the Handbreaker in some gyms I've been at) wearing these. It probably also contributed to the wear on the right glove. The trouble with the moving wraps mostly occurs when you're using it as a normal wrap under your gloves, which is what they're primarily supposed to be used for, so that's not so good. And I don't really need my wrist support coming undone and sliding down my forearm in the middle of working on the thai pads.

Final verdict? They aren't bad as backups to use once a week or so if you're occasionally airheaded about washing your wraps like I am, and your normal ones aren't dry by the time you have to go train. They're also a decent timesaver if you're running a little late and need to get your hands taken care of before class starts and don't have time to do up a pair of 180" wraps. Don't use them for bag gloves, and handwash them, unless you really enjoy untying tangled wraps.

Basically, don't throw them out if someone gets them for you, but don't spend your own money on them.