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3/22/2010 12:26pm,
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Matt Stone
3/22/2010 1:46pm,
If you've got a copy of a person's DD 214, their reason for being separated is contained in a code at the bottom right of the form (if I remember correctly). That code can be looked up online and the reason for separation (if not already specifically listed as ETS or retirement) determined. The code may also simply be a reenlistment category code, stating whether the person can reenlist with no restrictions, or whether reenlistment is barred (for a variety of reasons). Contrary to popular mis-belief, the Army doesn't have to let you reenlist...

3/23/2010 3:15am,
Sorry I must have finger fucked this because all I did yesterday was read about holmes. I do not know why it went to this thread. Thanks Matt for the info, I am in the Army as well.

Cy Q. Faunce
3/23/2010 1:52pm,
Matt, if you want to ask Holmes for his DD-214, be my guest. I've had no luck in contacting him at all.

I Am
1/07/2011 10:44pm,
I think two of the awards he's wearing are misidentified.

Fourth row, first award appears to be the National Service Defense Medal (with star for second award?) not the Vietnam Gallantry Cross. The Gallantry cross would go much lower since it's a foreign award.

Bottom row, first award is the Navy Sea Service Deployment Ribbon. There's no white stripe in the middle.