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2/02/2010 12:50am,
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2/02/2010 1:10am,
Can you use the 'Quick Reply' option as well?

2/02/2010 1:12am,
Is this the gym where Forrest Griffin trained under the Singer brothers?

2/02/2010 9:22pm,
Yes it is.

2/02/2010 9:36pm,
Brian Bowles also trains out of Hardcore Gym. They just recently got a new facility, which I haven't seen. And Adam recently got his black belt from (I believe, but am not certain) Roberto Traven. The atmosphere there is great, the guys are great, Adam and Rory are great.
The only reasons I no longer train there are 1. Price (It's on the expensive side for the area) 2. Focus (They are VERY MMA focused, Adam doesn't like grappling tournaments. I wanted to do grappling tournies and didn't give a **** about MMA comps.
Had it not been for item 1. I probably would have just deal with item 2.

2/03/2010 10:54am,
The new gym looks amazing btw, Rory has pictures up on FB.
Bummer on the anti-subleague feel though Kintanon, I like those too.

2/03/2010 11:16am,
Yeah, don't get me wrong though. The atmosphere there is awesome. It's just pretty tightly focused. Which is extra awesome if you want to fight MMA. They are still the best MMA gym in the area.

2/03/2010 5:20pm,
Rory got his BB at the same time as Adam as well.