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The Ron!
1/25/2010 11:58am,
First off. This is a small company. I think one guy basically does everything. When I called, the phone was immediatley answered and all my questions were addressed. I was skeptical at first seeing as how the price was so low, but once the gi arrived i was THOROUGHLY impressed.
The pants were very heavy. I mean VERY heavy. But not in a bad way. I mean heavy like they aren't going to wear out anytime soon. The jacket was a single weave but felt pretty thick, and would stand up by itself before I washed it. Once I washed it, the damn thing would still stand up by itself. just because the lapels were so damn thick. Yeah, try and get a gi choke on me now! HA!
From what I understand, their other gi, The Sport Armor is even better than HKC's jackets and thats saying something, because their only like $10.00 more than the Clubsport! But I don't need anything like that. I prefer to let my technique be my defense in class, not my jacket. Although in a tournament a good stiff lapel can be a lifesaver, so I may order one to keep around for competitions. The patches and embroidery are vey nice, and not too loud or obnoxious. You don't look like a walking billboard for the brand, but people can still tell what kind of gi you are wearing. I like that. I equate too many patches to Doucheshirts. UGLY and insecure, like you're trying to look cool to make up for the fact that you have no game whatsoever and get spanked everytime you step on the mat.
2.5 years of heavy rolling and my Kagi is still in awesome shape. DAMN. I will never own another brand again. Do yourself a favor and order you one. I promise. You won't be disappointed! Kagi! Kagi! Kagi!

1/25/2010 4:19pm,
Cheers for the review.

Kid Miracleman
1/25/2010 9:16pm,
Another thing to note is that Kagi has pants for sale individually for $32.00 (blue or white). These are the same pants that come with the Sportarmor gi, so they're heavier than the pants that come with the Clubsport gi. I may order a pair in the next few weeks; if so, I'll be sure to post my impressions.

1/29/2010 12:06pm,
I noticed on their site they also list Judo Gis and Kutkas, but the Judo Gi link isn't activated. Should we assume this is something they will eventually sell?

Their Kurtkas look pretty kick ass.

1/29/2010 1:28pm,
Second the review. I got a Kagi over a year ago. Great gi, especially for the price. It has held up very well. Also, great customer service.

7/05/2010 11:07am,
Does anyone know what happened to the Kagi company. I tried to order another gi but their number won't go through and their website seems to be down.
Did they go under?