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1/23/2010 10:13pm,
I've had a pair of the Blue and White Signature Fight Shorts from Rupture for about the last month and a half. I have to say that these are some of the nicest fight shorts I've worn. Just so you know that I have a wide range to compare from, besides these I also own 2 pair of Sprawls, 1 pair of TapouT's, 1 pare of Warrior Wear, and 4 pairs of Intynse (small company that is no longer in business). Over all, I'd say these are probably my favorite. I'll detail why here.

Firstly, the shorts are constructed really well of very durable, yet comfortable material. They fit true to size, so there's no worry of weird sizing. The seams are very durable. The material itself is very strong and flexible. With the flexible crotch panel and the slits in the size mobility has not been even remotely an issue. They are also pretty light-weight given the solid construction. I've rolled a lot in these, and they aren't even showing the slightest signs of wear. The only reason I have the durability at a 9 is because I've only had them a month and a half and figure a 10 might be unfair at this point.

These shorts are also very comfotable. Most of the other shorts I own have some issues that I don't like comfortwise. The sprawls have the elastic waist, which I liked when I was bigger, but I've come to find that the elastic rubs the skin weird. The Rupture shorts are true to size without elastic so I don't have that issue. The TapouT's have no flexibility at all. They are put together more like casual board shorts. Once again not an issue as mentioned above. The Intynse shorts have a closure that isn't very soft, and when you're in positions in which you are hunched over if they closure isn't perfectly straight it can chafe the skin a lot. The Rupture shorts don't have any of these issues.

The only negative I found on these shorts, which probably isn't much of a negative anymore is that the mouthguard pocket is accessible from the outside just under the waistband. In past grappling comps this would have been a problem for me, as pockets were strictly forbidden. I've come to understand though that all of the major fight organizations have cleared these shorts, and most of the major grappling comps have changed this rule. Still, if you have these shorts and it so happens you enter a comp/fight that forbids it the pocket can be easily sealed with some thread or tape. So it's not really a big issue.

The last feature to note is the price. These list on their site for 44.90. While these aren't the absolute cheapest shorts you'll find, they're far from the most expensive. This price is 10-15 dollars less than a lot of major brands. Couple that with the quality of construction, and you're looking at a terrific buy. Overall I'd say these shorts are well worth the money, and any serious grappler or fighter should definitely look at getting a pair.

1/24/2010 12:23pm,
All my gear is on its way!!! Now I can be one of the cool guys at my gym sporting the rupture gear. I would like to thank Nick for the hook up and his tireless effort in following through with his word, not only do they have a good product, they have good people that will take care of you.

1/25/2010 2:33pm,
I have two pairs of fight shorts and i would have to give it two thumbs up. I'm going for a long sleeve rash guard now. I've heard good things. They need to put some more colours in their line up.

1/25/2010 9:37pm,
Zap, check your PM's pal :).