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1/19/2010 1:04am,
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1/19/2010 2:07am,
??? No Original post?

As far as I know, Mr Wallace made some silly claims long ago, in threads, and was called out on them, resulting in a flame war, and youtube thing. All lots of fun for all parties involved....he's since has fought in mma competition and is doing well. Good for him.

Conde Koma
1/19/2010 3:56am,
I think discussion threads are created automatically if you click the "discussion" tab and one doesn't already exist. I think there should be some kind of warning for that, for people who are poking around on the encyclopedia. As is, there's no way to tell if there's already a thread or not, and whether it'll be creating a new one.

That said, hilarious read. This guy sounds great.